Reasons to switch to a better browser then

I will give you just a few here
and I'll also provide you a bunch of links to other pages,
which have also considered to drop the support for it!

Here we go with the never-ending story:

*Not CROSS-PLATFORM compatible (Linux,Mac OS X,BeOS,etc...)
*Not OPEN SOURCE (nobody can try to improve it or add new features)
*Doesn't support PNG transparency until recently
*FLASH transparency very bad supported!
*CSS codes need lot of "hacks" and "work-around" to "fix" a correct layout on IE,
which almost double the amount of code sometimes!
*Missing the "TABBED BROWSING" until recent versions...
which mean no comfort and lot of memory lost for every new window!
*AJAX codes are partially or not working at all!
*The most UNSECURED and attacked browser ever!
*Scrambled layouts on different versions of IE!
*Each new version of IE was destroying the precedent fixes instead of making a sum of them and build a better version!
*Annoying and difficult way of cleaning History and Cache (so many clicks...UFFF!!!)
*Unfriendly and cold most of Microsoft applications - just SAD and GRAY!

As a conclusion: NEVER use old versions of IE or better switch to a real browser!


German Page-NoIE!

What are the Alternatives?

Here you can choose from a multitude of free browsers:

Open Source, for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and other - *Very popular Browser!
Closed Source, for Mac OS X and Windows
Closed Source (Mozilla browser) for Mac OS X
Closed Source, for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and other
Open Source, for Linux/UNIX
Open Source, for Classic Mac: OS 8.x - OS 9.x
Open Source, for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and other

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