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17.03.2008 - Melodifestivalen 2008!

"Hero" - Charlotte Perrelli

The last song for the Eurovision Song Contest was chosen at Saturday, 15th March. In a great show, called Melodifestivalen 2008, the swedish entry has been selected.
From the jury-voting seted on place one and gathering enough points from Televoting to came on place two, Charlotte Perrelli won the ticket to Serbia with her song "Hero".
Another english pop song has succeded to be placed as favourite to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

11.03.2008 - San Marino reveal title and singer!

San Marino:
"Complice" - Miodio

San Marino first entry ever to Eurovision Song Contest arrive!
The group consisting of three Italian members and two San Marinese and is the pop electronic band wich are sent to represent them in Serbia 2008.
More info would be updated here when the song would be also available!
Let's hope would not be as late as the Montenegrenian entry...(almost one week later)

10.03.2008 - Serbia entry arrive!

"Oro" - Jelena Tomašević

A long and boring show where we were intoxicated with advertises and so called "entertainment".
"Bubbies" awards (Beovizija 2008), were offered allover.
After the televoting has been ended we watched more than one hour and half of extra "music" performances as well as few video clips and of course...more awards! Awards like a mass production at an assembly line!
The results are probably backing on the oven or came from the other side of the country by car, otherwise we cannot understand this log waiting time to reveal them!
Anyway, we would "surely" use the "Commercial Bank" and drink tones of mineral water as we had so much adverts of them allover the "show".
On the laterals of the stage, three huge screens they looped over and over advertises for Commercial Bank, Mineral Water and coffee!
A never ending "show"!!! Such a sad and depressing evening to spend waiting forever!

10.03.2008 - The three "S" countdown!

We find ourselves on the last "meters" through the full list of finalists for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Serbia:

"Believe" - Dima Bilan

It's the second attempt of this artist to represent his country at Eurovision. Already in 2006 has been placed second after the winner with his title "Never Let You Go".
So the public, as well as the jury have been chosen him as their favorite for Serbia this year.
The song "Believe" keep staying on the same music genre as the 2006 entry.
A pop ballad about love which will touch again the teenagers hearts.

"Baila El Chiki Chiki" - Rodolfo Chikilicuatre

The worst entry of Eurovision ever! SHAME TO SPAIN!
Just a bad joke to lower totally the quality of the Contest and embarrass all the fans!
The "artist" is just a very cheap, ugly copy of Elvis Presley and the "song" is political and sexual oriented. We are terrified we have to listen such a garbage again on the Contest!
NULL POINTS on line!

"O Julissi Na Jalini" - Ishtar

A song which seems to come from a native evening at a mountain hut from Switzerland!
Using a lot of classic instruments this entry reminds us of old musical movies from Germany, Austria or Switzerland.
However, one of the the very different performances prepared for this year in Serbia.
Fortunately, some artists who regains us some real musical instruments and come with a typical sound from the Alps countries.
Many greeting from Heidi from the Swiss Alps!

"Senhora Do Mar" - Vânia Fernandes

After a great show provided by "RTP" with the "Festival De Canção" this year. We had watched the webcast transmission of the national portuguese Final, where have been presented the ten entries to be chosen. It was a pleasure to hear all the songs in the native language of Portugal and without a trace of english, italian, french or spanish as so many entries this year! The show was simple but very good taste. A short act of ballet to the beginning followed by the performances of all ten finalists. After the televoting counter has been started we were remembered of past Eurovision winning songs performed by all the finalist artists of the portughese national preselection. After this, the most expected moment has arrived.
"Senhora Do Mar" has won the ticket to Belgrade by the votes from the international televoting. At the end of the show we could hear Vânia Fernandes again with her sad, melancholic ballad about the "Lady Of The Sea".

07.03.2008 - Just 8 Finalists left to be chosen!

In the last two days four more countries have chosen their entries for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. You can read down about them:

"Ne Daj Mi Da Poludim" - Stefan Filipović

Unfortunately it seems that nearly nobody knows more than the title and the artist of the song, which represents Montenegro. Until today this song was not released for public listening, so nobody knows the genre of this song. As soon as the song became available, we will inform you about it.

"Disappear" - No Angels

The german pre-selection was seen all together a very good show, with famous guests like: Ruslana, Marija Serifović and Charlotte Nilsson as well as Katja Ebstein. Less famous was a bad joke from Mr. Oliver Pocher, who said after the performance of Marija Serifović she is looking like a thick "Playmobil-Man"(Playmobil toys). Such remarks and embarassings he should keep for himself. Also the german TV should think about, to invite him again to such a show. An apology from the television station would here be reasonable.
A few black points about the german pre-selection show come from missing a live time counter for the televoting as well as to show us a live table of the actual number of televotes for every song. Also the presenters should announce after every round the total number of votes gathered by the entries, instead of coming with some envelopes after 5 minutes from ending of televoting. Such way let's a lot of place to play with the real results.
Our full support and aproval gets Carolin Fortenbacher. In her presentation video she says "I'm singing german, cause this is our language. It's a nice language and all the world can hear this". Bravo, Carolin Fortenbacher! It would be fine, if more countries would think like her and send their entries in their own language to the contest. But the reality is looking otherwise, cause also for Germany was unfortunately selected a song in english for Belgrade. From a mix coming from various musical genres, it was selected a generic and common pop song, called "Disappear". Unfortunately just another pop song with no difference than the ones we can hear on any radio station.

"Divine" - Sébastien Tellier

A very interesting sound and rhythm coming from France. Quite shocking, this year the song is entirely performed in english, despite past years when their entries were coming sometimes in a mix with english. The selected song was again internal chosen without any show or announce. A fine, romantic melange of pop with disco and a flavour of the seventies. A good voice and an original rhythm had pleased our ears.

"Your Heart Belongs To Me" - Hind

Arabic accords along electric guitars in a pop song comes this year from the Netherlands. The same as in the case of the french entry, this song is performed in english. The song was also chosen in an internal selection.

05.03.2008 - Six more songs for the ESC 2008!

In the meantime five countries have chosen their representants for the ESC 2008 in a pre-selection and one song was chosen in an internal selection. Here are the six new entries - freshly arrived:

"Pokusaj" - Elvir Laković Laka

A further nonsense! It's matching exactly to the irish entry. Some people are cutting imaginary grains with scythes in the background, alive chickens running allover the stage followed by the spotlight and the interpreter of the song should be better first go to learn to sing. All in everything a further country which tries to make the ESC more laughably. At this place we again want to beg countries which doesn't have any desire of a serious participation to the ESC... PLEASE, STAY AT HOME!
For us (and not only for us) it seems that the Eurovision Song Contest is getting more and more obviously to a Show of circus and puppets theater than a music contest.
An advice to the EBU: Clear rules for participating entries and singers!

"Secret Combination" - Kalomoira Saranti

This song is using some traditional greek accords mixed with modern, energic pop rythms. Young spectators will probably enjoy a lot such entries. Unfortunately one more song which is not performed in it's mother country language. The effect of globalisation puts its prints on top of most of the participating entries, so more and more songs are coming as a mix of the main languages and not sung in their own speech. A realy pity!

"Missae Miehet Ratsastaa" - Teräsbetoni

A lot of metal and hardrock influence is coming again from this country. Probably they hope to repeat their winning of the contest with a similar song like "Hardrock Halelujah". It is only a very typical entry from it's own category, which doesn't come with any originality.

"Peace Will Come" - Diana Gurtskaya

A monotonous pop rhythm song about peace performed by a young blind female singer. Some people could be impressed by such a combination, better matching at a "Miss-Contest" where all the girls want to save the world, the whales, the woods and the ozone layer.
You can get your own impression about this and the other entries by clicking the link from the top and listen the songs.

"Wolves Of The Sea" - Pirates Of The Sea

One of the very few songs which are coming with a little bit of originality arrived form Latvia. Energic rythm invites you to party. Like a cutted scene from "Pirates Of Caribbean", the group "Pirates Of The Sea" makes you a part of their adventure on the sea. From us: 10 points! Participants like this are very rare in this contest, but they are so welcome!!!

United Kingdom:
"Even If" - Andy Abraham

Time to travel to the 80's! Disco lights, dancing ring and the atmosphere of disco rhythms pulls you out of the chair. A good voice and the best entry from the pre-selection of United Kingdom has been fortunately chosen. Best choice of Great Britain in the last few years! A good chance to get a Top 10 place in the final.

23.02.2008 - Super evening with eight national finals...!

The big evening is finally over now! Eight countries have chosen their entry for Belgrade 2008. In the meantime we know the eight songs which have been selected this night and we are happy that we have decided to look the romanian national final. Let's tell you a little bit about it:

"Pe O Margine De Lume" - Nico & Vlad Miriţă

Again the voting system was the same like in the semifinals (50% Televoting, 50% jury-voting) and again the jury has had a lot of different members, same like in the second semifinal. The most popular members of the jury this time: Dida Dragan and Mihai Traistariu.
After the last semifinal we have thought it's not possible to have a more bad acoustic, but TVR (Romanian Television) makes it possible again. We have never heard a sound (if we can call it a sound) like this.
After the presentation of the twelve songs (you can read about them in our report of the semi-finals), the jury has to give their votes (in closed envelopes) to the presenters. Then the televoting has been started for 40 minutes. In this time the people in the studio and the spectators should be entertained by Goran Bregovic and his Wedding & Funeral Orchestra. This so called "Entertainment" has been one of the most boring, noisy and stupid things we have ever seen. We couldn't understand that a TV-station is even paying and sending such a terrible nonsense. But at least after more than one hour it was overcome.
Now the result of the televoting was shown on a table and we could see that the leading song was "Pe O Margine De Lume", with more than 8000 points, followed by the song "Shine" with nearly 1000 points less. At that time "Run Away" was in third position with a result of a bit more than 2300 points.
And now it became exciting cause the jury-voting was starting. After the first few jury-votes, "Biondo" came closer and closer to "Nico & Vlad Mrita" and soon one had the impression that "Shine" would win this final.
But it should become still more excitingly, cause after the next to last jury voting "Shine" was only three points be "Pe O Margine De Lume". Now the last jury member has everything in her hands to "say" which song to represent Romania at the Song Contest. After the young woman has voted for the first few songs, "Shine" was in turn to get points from her. And she gave...8 points to this song! Now we had to wait until the last song was in turn to get it's points. Finally she called the title "Pe O Margine De Lume" with...12 points! We were relieved that to better last the best Song had won this final.
"Pe O Margine De Lume" is a wonderful, romantic love song which becomes effective because of the sensitive presentation of "Nico & Vlad Mirita. A worthy representative for Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest and for us the very best song which is chosen until now for the international two finals.

Furthermore 6 other countries have decided for the entries in Belgrade.
Here they are:

"Dj, Take Me Away" - Deep Zone & Balthazar

A break of rythm came with the Bulgarian song, a sound which is more belong to a Night-Club then to Eurovision Song Contest, has been selected to represent them. Lot of techno flavor and a group of young people full of energy have won the audience votes.
At least this year seems we have a few very different styles upcoming on the Contest.

"Fullkomið Lif" - Eurobandid

The free translation of this song means: "This Is My Life", a nice pop entry along some young pleasant voices could set them easy on the Final of Eurovision. After almost neverending selections, this song has been chosen as their favorite and should represent Iceland in Serbia 2008.

"For Life" - Isis Gee

A song in slow motion, which you hear and cannot remember in the next moment. Just another "suave" something where someone is wailing about ... life. Who knows? More romantic then...romantic! easy to forget!

"Vo Ime Ba Ljubovta" - Tamara, Vrčak & Adrian

Difficult to describe as a rythm or genre, could be considered as a mix of Pop, R&B, and some Rap...a "Cocktail Molotov" of Balkans modern music...did we already said ... unclassifiable?

"Romanca" - Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents

The Croatian winner for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest is "Kraljevi Ulice (The Kings of Streets) & 75 Cents". They are also part of the most weird and unexpected entries for this year at Eurovision. A group of street musicians which usually performs on the center of Zagreb on the main square!
Today at Eurovision...tomorrow back on the streets! Well, if Croatia consider to be represented by the "street art", we are just...speechless...

"Irlande Douze Points" - Dustin, The Turkey

In the most true sense of the word, the Irish shot the bird of this evening. The so called interpreter concerns not human, but a very ugly puppet like from "Muppets Show". About the song and the content of it, we prefer to don't talk about. We only can ask ourselves at this place, who selects such a weak-intimate and brainless rubbish? It seems that one is trying to lower the Contest into a circus. Perhaps in the future all countries should come with cows, sheeps, parrots or apes to the contest. The circus would be perfect than! But before the contest goes down to such a level, the EBU should take steps against this! We think it would be much better, if Ireland would withdraw and enjoy their old, ugly turkey for themselves at home in Ireland. If Ireland has no interest of a serious entry in the contest, than they should stop their participations for the future.
From this place: IRLANDE, ZERO POINTS !!!!!!!!

The last country which has decided about it's entry for Belgrade was Ukraine.
Here the interpreter was already chosen and only the song which should be presented in Serbia had to be selected by the spectators. Their voting was going to the title: "Shady Lady" sung by Ani Lorak.
A very nice disco-pop "melange" wich we also consider as a good entry for the Contest in 2008!

16.02.2008 - Second Romanian Semifinal!

The second Semifinal was ending a few minutes ago and we had the luck to watch again the transmission of "TVRi" for this round. The voting system was like in the first semifinal: 50% tele-voting and 50% jury-voting.
For us the changing of some jury members in a current contest was a little bit odd. Just the "TVRi" makes the impossible...possible and replaced some of the jury members from the first semifinal through others. Here we have to ask why? Have the replaced ones been too inconvenient?
Only this was not the single inconsistence of that evening!
This time, the studio where the show was hold, has serious technical problems with the acoustic and for some songs this was a big disadvantage. For us it seems, that one don't like to have certain songs on the final!
But not enough with all of this - after ending the performance of the whole 12 songs, the live transmission was broken from the "TVRi" at once! Instead of remaining at the live show, the "TVRi" was showing more than 25 minutes of stupid and totally non important program promos!
TVRi first returns back to the live transmission 23 minutes before the tele-voting was ending! We were unable to see the jury voting and the handing over of their sealed voting envelopes to the show presenters. Also it was not possible for us to see the start for tele-voting (40 minutes time for public votes) and we had almost 20 minutes less of the time assigned for public tele-voting!
A show like we have seen couldn't stand firm with the European standards!
Now we want to present you the six songs which have been qualified for the national Romanian final:
With the first place of this semifinal we can agree, even if nor the interpreters, neither the composers and lyric writers came from Romania.
The song "Shine" and the performers, three young tenors called themselves "Biondo", are coming from Sweden. The performance of this song was very good, which is a result of the clear and very good voices of the singers. Settled on operetta style, "Shine" is a very romantic and poetic song about love. Who likes such songs, is very good advised with this title! Anyway, it was one of the best entries of this evening!
With the well known romanian artists "Paula Seling & Provincialii" we still remain at the romantic area. For their song "Seven Days", they became the second favorites of this evening. This opinion was shared by tele-voting and jury members. Personal, we couldn't see the value of this song to be second placed. Here it's very visible what a famous name could do!
The cheering prospect of the six selected songs has arrived on the third place! "Fairytale Story" performed by the velvet voice of "Nicola" make us feel like being a part of her love story dream. From tele-voting, set on place five, she finished the competition after jury voting with place three. Already in the year 2003, "Nicola" was representing Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest. With her song "Don't Break My Heart", she became tenth in this competition.
After becoming third in the first semifinal, "Catalin Josan" was qualified now on the forth place with his second song "Run Away". It is a quite noisy love song with strong rock influence. It is curious that an entry without any "salt and pepper", without any originality could became such a high position!
More rock influence and noisy whistles came this time from "Zero" on the fifth place. Jumping all over the stage, this group of young singers with their title ''Come This Way'' tried to get the attention using a lot of useless whistles and electric guitars, which remind us of being in a football stadion full of fanatic fans.
Place 6 and the last entry which has qualified for the Romanian national final was the song called ''Follow Me". The performers, a group called "VH2", could only reach the final by the help of the jury votes. Based on a almost twenty years old type of Romanian music, they still gathered a lot of votes.
For us it seems, that the qualified songs of the second semifinal have been splitted in two distinct types of music: romantic love songs and noise.
Songs which are already hits in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France like "Yeke, Yeke" sung by "Imba" have been placed between the last ones. But contrary of their placement in this semifinal, they surely will become one of the best sold Romanian hits of 2008.
The Romanian national final you could be seen at the evening of 23rd February 2008 on "TVR1" and "TVRi" (Romanian Television-International).

10.02.2008 - Finales, semifinals and preliminary rounds!

The weekend is nearly over now and only Belgium has it's third preliminary round this evening!
But the last two days have got the attention of Eurovision fans because three more countries have chosen their entries for Belgrade 2008.
The past Friday it was so far for Hungary to select a song for Serbia. Winner wasn't, like expected Monika Hofman, but Csézy with the song called "Szívverés".
Besides one of the first scandals, Moldova has also it's preselection for the Contest. This preselection was hold under thinkable bad conditions.
The EBU disqualification of Alexandru Bognibov creates a worldwide very negative feeling about Moldova!
In his song "I Love The Girls Of 13 Years Old" he was glorifying the sex with minors!
With explicit lyrics from his own composition like:
"They put their arms around me and I'm going down,down, down!",
a direct reference to performing oral sex, Bognibov sings about practices which are banned in most countries in the world! Due to the content of offensive lyrics, his song has received serious criticism.
As a result, the song has been dismissed from the selection process based on it's controversial content.
"This sort of song has no place in the competition. Pedophile behavior is a criminal act and it is very disgusting!" said Jorgen de Milyus, a Eurovision Song contest jury member from Denmark!

Despite this scandalous incidents, "TRM" (Moldavian Television) has hold their own national preselection, which Greta Burlacu was winning with her song "A Century Of Love". So this time, a jazz style title will represent Moldova in Belgrade.

The third country selecting their representative for Serbia was Norway. With her song " Hold On, Be Strong" Maria Haukaas Storeng has won the Norwegian national preselection "Norske Melodi Grand Prix".

Further semifinals have taken place at the weekend, Latvia has it's second one since Sweden and Romania hold their first ones.
We have had the luck to watch the live transmission of the first Romanian national preselection!
Let us say some words about the Romanian voting system, before we would inform you of the 6 participants which had reached the Romanian national final.
The voting system, is not much democratic as we think! The voting is summary of a fifty-fifty mix between televoting and Jury-votes (12 jury members). This system gives the jury a very large power to impose their own favorite entries to the final!
This means that all televoting points are counted as same power as the ones given from just 12 jury members! In such way the jury members could totally change the public will of televoters! We think Romania, such as other few left countries, should soon renounce of this voting system and let only the people choose!

From the 12 songs presented, 6 songs have been chosen to go further to the finale. The chosen entries belong to various different styles of music: love songs, etno-pop (a modern folk mix), rock ballads, pop and pop-soul.

The evening was opened by Nico & Vlad Mirita with their song "Pe O Margine De Lume", a love song which means "On The Edge Of A World"
This poetic song was remarkable because of the beautiful tenor voice of Vlad Mirita accompanied by the sharp clear voice of Nico. Unfortunatelly the song itself doesn't catch us too much because of the boring rhythm!
The televoting, as well as the 12 jury members set them as the winers of this semifinal!

The second choose of this evening was an ethnic disco pop song performed by Simona Nae with the title "The Key Of Life". A very good mixture of traditional Romanian folk music and energic disco beats which got the attention of all the listeners! The single minus which the song gets from our side, is that it's sung in English instead of Romanian, but nevertheless this is a very good choice to send to Belgrade!

Next place was going to a typically, boring in rhythm and text, love ballad: "When We're Together" performed by Catalin Josan. Along, a background ballet with no sense, was trying to make the song more contrasted. Overall just another tedious love song with no interesting elements!

We are coming now to the forth place on this evening, where a rock-ballad has been placed! "Prea Mici Sunt Cuvintele" (Too Little Are The Words) has been sung by a group of rockers, which have been coming together at this semifinal under the name "Leo Iorga & Pacifica". Singers which were transiting along the years in a lot of famous rock groups and probably gathered now a lot of points from the old rock generation of the 70's & 80's! The fashion of noisy and screamed songs are over since many years. It would be a bad choice to send to Belgrade!

The fifth place was given to a song called "Doctor Frankenstein". The performing artist LaGayla Frazier, the composer and lyrics writer were coming from Sweden to represent Romania at the Song Contest. The song is an energic mix of disco and pop with a strong flavor of the 80's and a background ballet.
The very strong voice of LaGayla Frazier, who almost scream, has got the attention for her performance but unfortunately this song has nothing in common with Romanian music!
For the further remaining of this song at the Romanian national final, it exclusively got to thank to the 12 jury members. Without their voting she was set on place eight (after televoting).

And the last qualified performers of this first semifinal was a group named "Tabasco". Some people may have expected hot latin rhythms from them, but what a disappointment for all of us! Their entry "Love Is All I Need" was just another boring pop song. The repetitive lyrics had nothing original on them, the same is valid for their stage performance. A big wonder how they succeeded to come selected for the final.

The next 6 songs for the Romanian National Final would be selected on next Saturday (16 February at 20.10 PM GMT +2) and the National Final, when the Romanian representing song will be chosen, would be broadcasted on TVR channel (Romanian Television) and TVRi at 23rd of February.

06.02.2008 - New wave of selections arrived!

In the mean time some more countries had selected their entries for Belgrade 2008! On the following list we present you in alphabetical order this songs:

Elnur Huseynov ft. Samir Javadzadeh - Day After Day;
Ruslan Alehno - Hasta La Vista;
Czech Republic:
Tereza Kerndlová - Have Some Fun;
Simon Mathews - All Night Long;
Kreisiraadio - Leto Svet;
Jeronimas Milius - Nomads In The Night;
Morena - Vodka;
Rebeka Dremelj - Vrag Naj Vzame

The next preselections are coming at the weekend.
At Friday (08 February), Hungary would decide which song they would send to Belgarde!
And on Saturday (09 February), Norway and Moldova would sellect their finalists going to Serbia!

05.02.2008 - Tsunami from Spain!

Until today, including - Spain has anounced more then 180 entries for their national preselections!
We wonder if any other country would possibly come soon with more then this! ;)
Despite other countries which had anounced their preselection from a number of 3 songs,
Spain had by far, one of the most richest number of entries on the last years, trying to go to Eurovision!
Seems the Eurovision Song Contest gathered a fantastic popularity in this country!
Well...all this big competition between artists make us expect some real good entries comming from the latin land!

24.01.2008 - EBU announced the draw of the Semifinals 2008!

SEMIFINALE 1 (20 May 2008) :
Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia-Hertzegovina, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, San Marino and Slovenia.

SEMIFINALE 2 (21 May 2008) :
Albania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Georgia, Iceland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Macedonia, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus and Cyprus.

14.01.2008 - Romanian preselection comes soon!

Like the romanian television admits, at 16th and 17th january from the numerous song-suggestions would be selected the 24 ones, which participates in the two romanian semifinals for the Pre-Selection. The selection will be made by a internal voting from "TVR" (Romanian Television). The Semifinals would be held on 9th and 16th february, the Pre-Selection (Final) at 23rd february.

11.01.2007 - Cyprus choose the only greek song!

Yesterday evening the contribution of Cyprus for the Eurovision Song Contest was chosen in Nicosia. The spectators and listeners could decide between 10 songs which title goes to Belgrade for the island state to the running. While the 9 in English sung songs found only moderate favours, the onliest in Greek presented title was selected with overwhelming majority as the representative of Cyprus for Belgrade. For her song "Femme Fatale" Evdokia Kadi gets more than 6000 votes and thus she will represent the cypriote colors in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

The next Pre-Selection will take place at 21st january, where Belarus will select its entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

30.12.2007 - Further participants for the Song Contest 2008

Meanwhile some other countries already specified their contribution for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in an internal selection:

Gisela - "Casanova"
Elvir Lakovic Laka - "Pokusaj"
Paolo Meneguzzi - "Era Stupendo"

Some countries selected their interpreter already, but they let vote in a public Pre-Selection which song this artist should sing at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008:

Sirusho - "Qele, Qele"

Boaz Mauda - "Ke'ilu Kan"
Hind - "Your Heart Belongs To Me"
Mor Ve Ötesi - "Deli"
Ani Lorak - "Shady Lady"

About further Pre-Selections and the appropriate contributions for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 we will up-to-date you on this page. The next Pre-Selection will take place at 12th January 2008 in Nicosia, where the contribution of Cyprus is determined.

17.12.2007 - Festivali I 46 I Këngës Në RTSH

From 14th to 16th December the Albanian TV-transmitter "RTSH" traditionally hold the first Pre-Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.
The decision about the contribution from Albania for the Song Contest was made by a 7-head jury. Albania becomes represented in Belgrade by the female singer Olta Boka with the title: "Zemrën E Lamë Peng". The meaning of this complicated title would be: "We Left Our Hearts Kidnapped"

03.12.2007 - Song Contest 2008

The final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 takes place at the 24th may at the Belgrade Arena in Belgrade (Serbia). Before two Semifinals takes place: on Tuesday, 20th May as well as on Thursday, 22nd May. For the final qualified are only the host Serbia as well as Germany, Great Britain, France and Spain.
All the other countries have to qualify first in one of the two semifinals. Therefore it was decided that in each country only the Semifinale must be broadcasted in the television, in which the own contribution is starting. The same it behaves with the voting. The 5 countries which are directly qualified for the final have to broadcast only one of the semifinals and to vote in this - the decision, which it will concern thereby, decides the EBU.

The drawing which countries are starting in which semifinal will be made in January. In addition all participation-interested countries were already distributed on 6 lot pots, from which the Semifinals will then drawn together. In such a way the lot pots were built up on the basis of the remarkableness with the tuning in the past years (references neighbourhood and Diaspora Votings), that at the drawing those countries, which presented themselves in the past particularly strongly and mutually with points, if possible do not come to the same semifinal.

A possibly crucial change was decided with the Voting in the Semifinale: In each semifinal are only the best placed 9 countries are qualified by televoting; the tenth finalist of each semifinal became the contribution of the national Backup Juries (for the case of the failure of the Televotings, anyway have to give a "spare valuation"), which is not already qualified by televoting.
The much criticized valuation in the final will remain unchanged like it compared in 2007: again all semifinal paticipants may vote in the final, even if they did not qualify themselves for the final. The drawing of the starting order for the two Semifinals as well as for the final (naturally again with "substitute symbols" for the Semifinalists) is made traditionally while the meeting of the delegation leaders in the middle of March.

So far 43 countries announced themselves to the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. These have still the possibility until the middle of December of logging out themself again. The final list of subscribers is communicated of the EBU in January. Like already in 2006 Austria insert again a voluntarily Song Contest break, and also Monaco extends its 2007 begun Song Contest break by a further year.
The efforts toward a return of Italy to the ESC failed, but San Marino announced itself for Belgrade 2008. Slovakia expressed briefly interest in a renewed participation after finishing with the Song Contest 1998, but at the end one decided also in Bratislava against a Eurovision Song Contest participation. But the youngest EBU (European Broadcasting Union) member, Azerbaijan, announced itself and assured its participation already obligatorily.

17.11.2007 - Semifinals at 20th and 22nd May 2008

Like the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) just communicated, the two Semifinals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 should take place on Tuesday, the 20. May, and on Thursday, the 22. May. The drawing, which countries participate in which Semifinale, will be made in January; the countries are assigned first to different "pots", from which they are then course-drawn to the Semifinals, in order to ensure a balanced distribution. The starting order is drawn lots during the Meeting of the delegation leaders in March.

30.09.2007 - Two Semifinals at Song Contest 2008

It was just confirmed by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) that it will already give two semifinals at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. That means, automatically qualified for the final are only host Serbia, as well as the Big-4-Countries (Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain). All the others (thus also the countries, which reached in 2007 a Top-10-Place in the final) have first to qualify in one of the two Semifinals.

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