It is limited again so far, The 52nd Eurovision Song Contest approaches immediately. For us fans "THE EVENT" of the year!
Last year the group "Lordi" was winning the Song Contest for Finland and therefore, this year, the land in the high north is hosting the delegations from 41 nations!

Is a state in northern Europe and member of the European Union. It borders on Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea. To the area of Finland also belong the Swedish Aland Islands, which are enjoying a big part of autonomy.
Before Finland became independent in the year 1917, it belongs to Sweden and later to Russia.
With a surface of 338.144, 53 QKM, Finland is a little bit smaller than Germany and counts, placed between the sixtieth and seventieth latitude, to the most northern countries of the earth. The "Finnische Seenplatte"which is placed on the South-East part of the country gave itself the surname"Country Of The Thousand Lakes", precise here are 187.888 lakes!
The 5.279.228 inhabitants of the country distributing themselves on the 6 provinces of this land.
Beside Finnish, which is spoken by 91,7% of the population, also Swedish belongs to the official languages of the country.

Is the capital of the Finnish landscape Unsinmaa, with 560.000 inhabitants, Helsinki is the largest city of Finland and forms the center of the capital region, a concentration zone with round a million inhabitants.
Helsinki is in the south of the country, at the Finnish sea breast, opposite of the Estonian city Tallin.
It organizes itself into 54 quarters. The largely visibility bar landmark of the city is the "Cathedral Of Helsinki".
The "Fort Of Suomenlina", the "Market Hall" at the South harbour or "Finlandia Hall", you should also visit, if you come to Helsinki, like many other places and buildings out of the time of classicism, youth style and functionalism.

Is a multi-functional hall in the quarter of "Pasila". It became completed in 1997 for the "Ice Hokey Championship".
In the elliptical building, which is 133 ms long, 103 ms wide and 32.5 ms high, this year's contest is taking place.
The idea for this multi-functional hall, which can host 12.000 spectators for concerts, came from Harry Harkimo and the hall has the name of one of the largest drink manufacturers of Finland: Hartwall

In the evening of 12 May 2007, Jana Pelkonen and Mikko Leppilampi will moderate the finale of Eurovision Song Contest for the Finnish television "YLE".
Finland take part at the Song Contest since 1961 and has shown 40 participation's since that year. With 8 last places, Finland is now behind Norway on place 2 at the back marker statistics of the contest.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2007
" The catastrophe of Finland "

Everything began already at Thursday (10.05.2007) in the SemiFinale...
Actually one should think that at this qualification the chaff would separate from the wheat and only the best of the 28 Songs would qualify for the final! But unfortunately very far away from that!!!
The really good Songs from Cyprus, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark were eliminated.
Instead, so called "Songs" from Eastern Europe were selected in the final, from which was one more dreadful then the other!
An Opera-Diva from Slovenia, a Ruslana blend from Bulgaria, a Madonna blend from Georgia, Ken the nice partner of doll Barbie from Belarus, a singer who had obviously forgotten to pray before the competition and had this now to retrieve on the stage from Serbia, a participant from Hungary who obviously got excited via the high prices of public means transport or because missing the last bus, which one could take out of her terrible screaming and shouting...
The only light view of the SemiFinale was the qualification of the Turkish contribution of Kenan Dogulu!
However it should become still more badly, cause already Saturday (12.05.2007) was approaching and the final of the Song Contest should be hold.
Who thinks now the final was running differently than the SemiFinale, errs enormously!
No chance was also here given to the last few remaining good songs!
Instead it became obviously why already in the SemiFinale the good songs were separated!
A majority from Eastern European countries, which pushed over themselves exchanging mutually the points and considered with the high valuations excluding other countries of the East.
Who would be surprised that there are only countries from Eastern Europe at the places 1-10 ???
The whole voting was only a farce and an affront against Western participants!
Now the question arises, how the EBU will react ?
Also this procedure could not stayed hidden by the responsible persons!
The only correct answer would be: Cancellation of the competition!!!!

Here are the Finale results of ESC 2007 :

One have to pull the hat if the EBU would decide to do this step! Perhaps the western participant countries, including Germany, should think over a further participation in the Song Contest, should nothing fundamental be changed in the past holding mode.
A step in the correct direction would be probably 2 Semifinals (a west, an east) in which all countries should participate and from those would be chosen the 12 best songs for the Finale.
The points should be assigned then also only from the 24 participating countries from the final.
In such a way, one would advance toward a catastrophe, how it took place in this year.
Finally we won't miss to express our congratulations to the winner.
Obviously the ardent pleading and screaming on the stage was nevertheless useful.
However Marija Serifovic can and will be pleased about this victory remains undecided...

"Old" News!

Eurovision Song Contest 2007

After now all participant countries at this year's Eurovision Song Contest had determined their representatives, one can hold already once a review on the numerous PreSelections and venture a forecast on the Eurovision Song Contest.
With 42 interested countries, we will experience 2007 the previously largest ESC, that begins on the 10 May with the Semifinal. Under the participants of the Semifinal, there are also the 4 new participant countries, Georgia, Montenegro, Serbia and the Czech Republic and we welcome them on the most sincere way !
To the single songs, we want to mention only that we can expect again two colorful evenings with a mix of Rock, Pop, Ethno, Punk, Blues and Ballads and that again unfortunately most participants decided on a presentation of their contribution in English language. How said: UNFORTUNATELY!!!
In this regard we only can agree with Stevan Faddy (Montenegro). He said in an interview, when he was asked, why he will perform his song in his mother tongue and not in English, "I represent in Helsinki my home country Montenegro and the language also belongs to it !" A magnificent attitude as well as we believe and it would be thoroughly desirably if all participants became that thinking!
Naturally the smaller and larger scandals were also not allowed to be absent this year from the PreSelections, but they are what make the Contest more interesting at last!
So it was not a miracle that winner of Belarus, as well as usually, changed his song between PreSelection and Finale.
The greatest favorite of the Czech Republic disqualified herself already in the fore-field of the PreSelection, because she had published her song for ESC too early.
In Spain, the PreSelection directed in several steps, was so complicated that at the end nobody knows what about to decide!
The scandal-record this year goes however to Romania! There were disqualified 10 songs still before the PreSelection starts, among them also the great favorites for the participation in Helsinki. Now we only can be strained, which scandals, breakdowns and mishaps will expect us in the Semifinal and Finale.

We wish you to have much fun on this EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2007
Team ESCBlueWire

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