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1973 - Has Been Designated The Year Of The Ox

Already in January of this year Iceland was infested by a natural disaster: the eruption of "Eldfell". It is a cinder cone volcano just over 200 meters high on the Icelandic island of Heimaey. It formed in a volcanic eruption which began without warning just outside the town of Heimaey on 23rd January 1973. Its name means Mountain of Fire in Icelandic.
The eruption caused a major crisis for the island and nearly led to its permanent evacuation. Volcanic ash fell over most of the island, destroying many houses, and a lava flow threatened to close off the harbor, the island’s main income source via its fishing fleet. An operation was mounted to cool the advancing lava flow by pumping sea water onto it, which was successful in preventing the loss of the harbor.
Following the end of the eruption, the islanders got heat from the slowly cooling lava flows to provide hot water and to generate electricity. They also used some of the extensive tephra, fall-out of airborne volcanic material, to extend the runway at the island’s small airport, and as landfill on which 200 new houses were built.

At 20th June 1973 The Ezeiza massacre took place near the Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Peronist masses, including many young people, had gathered there to acclaim Juan Perón’s definitive return from an 18-year exile in Spain.
The police counted three and a half million people. In his plane, Perón was accompanied by El Tío ("Uncle") president Héctor Cámpora, representantive of the Peronists’ left wing, who had come to power on 25th May 1973, amid popular euphoria and a period of political turmoil. Héctor Cámpora was opposed to the Peronist right wing, declaring during his first speech that "the spilled blood will not be negotiated".
However, from Juan Perón’s tribune, camouflaged snipers, members of the "Triple A" terrorist group, opened fire on the crowd. The left-wing Peronist Youth and the Montoneros had been trapped. At least 13 dead people have been identified, and 365 injured during the massacre.
According to Clarín newspaper, the real number must have been a lot higher. However, no official investigation has been performed to confirm these higher estimations.

The Kattwyk Bridge is 290 meters long lift bridge for the railway and road traffic. Since 1973 it combines Moorburg and Wilhelmsburg at the river Elbe and was inaugurated on 21st March 1973. Referring to the lift - the bridge can be raised by 46 meters - it is the largest lift bridge in the world.
It consists of two trapezoidal specialist works on the side spans and a parallel strapped truss beams on the main opening, which is suspended on 32 steel cables. A peculiarity of the bridge is, that the railroad rails on the bridge are running in the middle of the road carriageway. Cause the road- and rail traffic shares the Kattwyk bridge, it must be blocked for the passage for freight trains by barriers facilities for the road traffic. These closures are scheduled to last approximately eight to ten minutes.
For vessel traffic the bridge will be opened every two hours. The Interruption of vessel traffic in general, takes 15 to 20 minutes. Signs of light equipment at the access roads are showing the duration of the interruption of the traffic. So far the bridge was three times taken out of service because of wear appearances.

The 1973 National Archives Fire, a severe blow to the "National Archives and Records Administration of the United States", was a disastrous fire that occurred at the "National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)" in St. Louis, Missouri, on 12th July 1973. NPRC, the custodian of military service records, lost approximately 16-18 million Official Military Personnel Files as a result of the fire.
On the morning of the National Archives Fire, a very small number of U.S. Navy, United States Coast Guard, and U.S. Marine Corps records were out of their normal file area being worked on as active requests by employees of the "National Archives and Records Administration" who maintained their offices on the 6th floor of the building. When the NPRC fire began, these Navy and Marine Corps records were caught in the section of the building which experienced the most damage in the fire.
The exact number of Navy and Marine Corps records destroyed in the fire is unknown, since such records were being removed only for a few days while information was retrieved from the record and were not normally stored in the area of the building which experienced the fire. Estimates indicate that the number of affected records was no more than two to three dozen. Since such records are considered "special cases", the present policy of NPRC is to state that there were no Navy and Marine Corps records destroyed in the fire.
The exact cause of the 1973 National Archives Fire was never fully determined. An investigation in 1975 revealed that the affected floor, where the fire had started, had been under extreme temperature with little or no ventilation. It was speculated that air pressure on the floor had reached such a level that, combined with the very high temperatures in the enclosed space, the brittle and dry records began to spontaneously combustion. The investigation also did not rule out embers of cigarettes as a possible cause, which were present in several trashcans.

Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 was a regularly-scheduled flight from Tripoli to Cairo via Benghazi. At 10:30 on 21st February 1973, the Boeing 727-224 left Tripoli, but became lost due to a combination of bad weather and equipment failure over northern Egypt around 13:44. Lost, it entered the then-Israeli-controlled airspace over the Sinai Peninsula, was intercepted by two Israeli F-4 Phantom IIs and shot down while trying to re-enter Egyptian airspace after refusing to follow instructions issued by the Israeli pilots. There were 113 people on board, of those there were 5 survivors, including the co-pilot.
The copilot, who survived, later said that the flight crew knew the Israeli jets wanted them to land but relations between Israel and Libya then made them decide against following instructions. The Libyan government stated that the attack occurred without warning despite what the copilot said. Israel’s air force stated that Flight 114 was a security threat, and that among the possible tasks it could have been undertaking was an aerial spy mission over the secret Israeli air base at Bir Gafgfa.
The Israeli government also revealed that LN 114 had been shot down with the personal authorization of David Elazar, the Israeli Chief of Staff. Israel’s argument was that given the heightened security situation and the erratic behavior of the jet’s crew, the actions taken were prudent. The United Nations did not take any action against Israel. The 30 member nations of the "International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)" voted to censure Israel for the attack. The United States did not accept the reasoning given by Israel, and condemned the incident.

Skylab was the first space station the United States launched into orbit, and the second space station ever visited by a human crew. Skylab was launched 14th May 1973 by a Saturn INT-21 (a two-stage version of the Saturn V launch vehicle) into a 235 nautical mile (435 km) orbit.
The launch is sometimes referred to as Skylab 1, or SL-1. Severe damage was sustained during launch, including the loss of the station’s micrometeoroid shield/sun shade and one of its main solar panels. Debris from the lost micrometeoroid shield further complicated matters by pinning the remaining solar panel to the side of the station, preventing its deployment and thus leaving the station with a huge power deficit.
The station underwent extensive repair during a spacewalk by the first crew, which launched on 25th May 1973 (the SL-2 mission) atop a Saturn IB. If the crew had failed to repair Skylab in time, the plastic insulation inside the station would have melted, releasing poisonous gas and making Skylab completely uninhabitable. They stayed in orbit with Skylab for 28 days. Two additional missions followed on 28th July 1973 (SL-3) and 16th November 1973 (SL-4) with stay times of 59 and 84 days, respectively. The last Skylab crew returned to Earth on 8 February 1974.

On 18th September 1973, the German Federal Republic (West-Germany) and the German Democratic Republic (East-Germany) have joined to the UNO as member number 133 and 134.
The United Nations are an intergovernmental alliance of 192 states and as a global international organization fully recognized international law subject. The main tasks of the organization in safeguarding world peace, the observance of international law, the protection of human rights and the promotion of international cooperation.
The United Nations were founded on 26th June 1945 in San Francisco by 51 countries. They have their headquarter in New York and three more residences in Geneva, Nairobi and Vienna. The bodies of the United Nations enjoy immunity under international law.

The Sears Tower, a skyscraper in Chicago, has been the tallest building in North America since 1973. It surpassed the World Trade Center, which itself had surpassed the Empire State Building only a year earlier. Commissioned by Sears, Roebuck and Company, it was designed by chief architect Bruce Graham and structural engineer Fazlur Khan of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.
Construction commenced in August 1970 and the building reached its originally anticipated maximum height on 3rd May 1973. When completed, the Sears Tower had overtaken the World Trade Center in New York City as the world’s tallest building. The tower has 108 stories as counted by standard methods, though the building owners count the main roof as 109 and the mechanical penthouse roof as 110. The distance to the roof is 1.450,58 feet (442 m), measured from the east entrance.
Sears Tower has gone through several owners in the years since but Sears has retained the naming rights for the building. It is now a multi-tenant office building with more than 100 different companies in residence, including major law firms, insurance companies and financial services firms.

The Summerland Disaster occurred when a fire spread through the Summerland leisure centre in Douglas on the Isle of Man on the night of 2nd August 1973. Fifty-one people were killed and eighty seriously injured. The fire started around 7:30 pm in a small kiosk adjacent to the centre’s mini-golf course. Eventually the burning kiosk slumped against the exterior of the building. The acrylic sheeting proved highly flammable and the fire spread quickly across the sheeting on the leisure centre walls and roof, and through vents which were not properly fire proofed. The acrylic melted, which allowed more oxygen to enter and dropped burning melted material, both starting other fires and injuring those trying to escape. The interior sound-proofing material was also particularly flammable and the building’s design included many unblocked internal spaces that acted as chimneys adding to the conflagration.
The fire services were not called for almost thirty minutes, and even then the call did not originate from the center. Instead the emergency call came via the captain of a ship located two miles (3 km) out at sea who radioed HM Coastguard and said "It looks as if the whole of the Isle of Man is on fire". The Coastguard immediately called the fire brigade.
There was no attempt to evacuate the 3.000 people present until the visible evidence of the flames prompted a panic-stricken mass rush for the exits, where many people were crushed and trampled because of the locked doors. Because of the locked fire door many people headed to the main entrance, which caused a crush. The first responding fire crews immediately realised additional resources would be required and every last resource in the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service was mobilized to the incident.

The movie industry continued this year action, comedy and horror. "The Sting", a rogue comedy with Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the main role amused people in the cinemas. For goose-flesh was cared in this year by the movie "The Exorcist" with Linda Blair and Ellen Burstyn in the title roles. And also the secret agent of her majesty, James Bond, had to exist a new adventure. Roger Moore and Jane Seymour have acted in the movie "007-Live And Let Die".
A colorful hitmix conquered the charts in 1973. Albert Hammond was telling in "It Never Rains In Southern California" why there is no rain. "Get Down" was arranged by Gilbert O’ Sullivan and about the "48 Crash" we have learned from Suzie Quatro.

Cause Austria and Malta paused in 1973, hostess Helga Guitton could only welcome 17 participating countries from Nouveau Théâtre in Luxembourg at 7th April 1973. There was a controversial replacement of the absent countries: the debut of Israel. Many viewers were astonished, that a country from the Middle East occurred at the Eurovision, but it’s membership in the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) was legitimating this. Following the terrorist attack on Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Summer Games 1972, the security was increased to allow to the the Israelis a secure participation. There were even rumors that the Israeli singers wear flak jackets while their appearance. Moreover the audience was banned to stand while the show, because otherwise they risked to be shot by the security service!

Israel was not the only contentious contribution of this competition. The Swedish contribution to the competition ignites a storm of indignation. The main criticism was directed against the lyrics from "Sommar’n Som Aldrig Säger Nej (You’re Like The Summer)". The disputed line of text "Your breasts are like nesting swallows" was a rather meager metaphor and unworthy of a text. Despite the scandal the juries liked the song and so the duo Nova gets the fifth place with 94 points.
Despite their bold choreography and the purple catsuits they wore, Nicole & Hugo from Belgium also remained unsuccessful in 1973. After they had to cancel the competition already in 1971 because of a hepatitis infection, they became only last in this years Eurovision Song Contest. Their song "Baby, Baby" could only collect 40 points and that means seventeenth place at the end.

Already in 1962 Marion Rung was competed in the competition for Finland. And like then, she had also this time the difficult task to open the contest. Full of enthusiasm and a lot more confident as in 1962 she performed her song "Tom, Tom, Tom". The juries liked this fleet title and with 93 points she gets the sixth place. A better placement was not reached by Finland until the year 2006.
The most discussed question of this competition was, what a star like Cliff Richard may have moved to challenge the song contest once again. Again the representative of United Kingdom has arrived as one of the favorites of the competition. Rumors say, that his manager has given him Valium for calming, some hours before the show. Thus he slept deeply and firmly, so that his team had great difficulties, to wake him up for his appearance. As always he sang very well, but his bizarre choreography with swinging arms and shagy legs, seemed rather ridiculous. Nevertheless, the song "Power To All Our Friends" was one of the greatest contributions of the evening. At the election his song was in the lead from the beginning, but had to concede many votes towards the end. Cliff Richard finally ended the contest with 123 points on third place.

A further visual highlight came with the entry of the Netherlands. The light for the contribution by Ben Cramer has been almost completely darkened, so that his bright white suit better was shown to advantage. His song "De Oude Muzikant (The Old Musician)" was telling the story of a Parisian street musician. The title had been written by Pierre Kartner, who later became very well known across Europe as "Vader Abraham". With only 69 points, Ben Cramer ended the competition on the fourteenth place.
It seemed that Spain has used Elvis Presley’s song "Can’t Help Falling in Love With You" as a basis for their entry. Sung was "Eres Tú (You Are)" by Mocedades, a sextet consisting of two girls and four guitar scrubbing guys from Bilbao. It was such a strong and successful performance that even the British team saw the strongest competition in this entry. Although they never held the lead, the Spaniards remained high favorites the whole time and became very close second at the end with 125 points.

Spain was the only country so far which has succeeded in winning the Eurovision title twice in a row. Luxembourg was able to catch up this year, because Anne-Marie David pulled off with "Tu Te Reconnaitras (You’ll Recognise Yourself)" in first place with 129 points. But it was not an easy victory and while the election Luxembourg was most of the time barely sufficient in the lead. Anne-Marie David was dressed in scarlet and she had one of the strongest voices of the whole show. She was showing an expressive and convincing presentation of this in Luxembourg very popular song.
Although United Kingdom was the favorite of the bookmakers, Anne-Marie David had clearly the backing of the audience and left with a very big applause the stage.
It would not have been possible for the lyrics writer of the contribution of Portugal, "Tourada (Bullfight)", to receive his price, if he would have been successful. José Carlos Ary Dos Santos was taken under arrest before his flight to Luxembourg. The text of the song, sung by Fernando Tordo, was perceived as politically to critical and against the right-wing dictatorship. This had been recognized by the juries a little bit different and therefore they awarded the tenth place with 80 points to Portugal.

Again, the competition could be viewed as a huge success. In United Kingdom alone, there were 24 million viewers. Almost half of the population had been seen the contest. More and more nations have transferred the show live and wanted to participate in it. The Eurovision Song Contest was very popular and was in the process to reach its zenith.

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